Sunday, June 2, 2013

Having Faith in God Changes Our Actions

As I've grown older I've realized how I need to keep trusting God more each day. It's not enough to just trust in Him for eternal salvation. It's important to trust Him in the little things. Sometimes I find myself worrying about how we will pay bills and make ends meet. I'm not trusting that God will provide for us. Sometimes I feel like I have to plan everything out and worry if my plan will work. That is not trusting God either. I realize that my actions are showing that I don't trust God. So, I've decided to change my plans. Instead of trying to plan everything out I'm going to get ready for whatever God has in store for me and my family. For the last year or two we haven't had even one late bill. God has provided for us and He continues to do so. So why am I stressing? It's a choice that I'm making. To trust more instead of worrying. I'm on the path of life. God will provide what I need to continue in Him.

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